Garden Coaching

The garden is a gateway to areas of connection and peace, but can also be about fresh air, exercise and movement.


What shifts could be made to make your time the most effective and enjoyable with your outdoor space?

It's nice to think about goals the space may offer you, and ways you and your family can participate together in a land stewardship.

About Garden Coaching

The garden holds many different gifts. It can be an observation center for seasons and science and creatures. It can be about production- whether that is food, flowers, or color. It can be about stability or change, rest or rejuvenation .

Life brings evolutions to your body. After powering through a lengthy and extensive rehab from a traumatic brain injury, Alissa learned first hand the importance of physical adaptations to gardening to continue thriving as a professional. Whether from age, illness, surgery or accident, modifications to your existing gardening space may be helpful to keep you out in the yard. Additionally, there are many modifications that can be made to how your body moves while working that may make the job easier and more enjoyable.

Seed Garden Designs works individually with you, as each body constitution is unique. Our goal is to keep you as active as possible in your space, and feeling good during and after! A garden coach helps determine what tasks in the yard take priority, how to approach the labor of gardening, and positive reinforcement of activity. We can work with you to create a beautiful, positive, and healthy experience!


Hands on Garden Tutorials

$80 per hour with an hour minimum.

Whether you are looking to gain experience with skills like pruning, are looking to expand current knowledge with fresh eyes, or learn more about permaculture or design principles, garden tutorials are informative, fun, and exploratory. This hands-on approach to teaching is excellent. One-on-one sessions or group classes available. This is an excellent gift for groups or individuals!

Garden Maintenance Physical Modifications

$80 per hour with an hour and a half minimum.

Find new ergonomic tools and body movements to add to your current garden practice. Whether you are newly interested in gardening or a seasoned gardener, but have current physical limitations, we find alternative approaches to stay outside and be physical. Sun, rain, air, plants, and soil are good medicine for the system, enrich your daily experience, and provide joy and ease to your body.

Garden Design Amendments

$80 per hour with an hour minimum.

The layout of your yard may no longer be the most efficient, reachable space for you. We use permaculture and design theory to redefine your space so it suits you today, tomorrow, and in the future. Your spacial layout needs to be practical to be accessible. We look at all areas of the yard from the layout of higher maintenance plants like annuals, the height of garden beds, color theory and lighting, materials for pathways, and furniture layout to make your outdoor experience functional and efficient. Design plans range from design by the hour to full design plans.

Garden Coaching Success Story:
The Bee’s Knees Garden

Garden coaching always begins with a goal setting conversation. Our client is a parent of two, and wanted to have her children more connected with the garden and outdoors, build the family’s knowledge of food and medicinal plants, and encourage more wildlife into the garden. Another major goal was to streamline her maintenance time by building gardening skills. Our client has a very full schedule running an amazing physical therapy clinic. As many young athletes experience, she has knee injuries which have greatly hindered her mobility around the garden, and has concerns about agitating hand and wrist issues from overuse.

Our first objective was to have tutorials about pruning and weeding to build her confidence and productivity around maintaining her current space. We reviewed several options to raise the height of certain bed areas and consider body positioning while working, and alternative tools and maintenance methods to save those knees. We spent time moving through the property to locate efficient placement for plants which need frequent harvesting and care, and made sure to take into account the pathways of the kids and their active dog. Lastly, we designed garden areas on the property that would engage all family members, attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators, with themed food gardens for the kids to work in, and constitutionally beneficial perennial herbs that would be fun and easy to process. We developed a calendar with task lists, and set up consistent meeting times for each season so she would have support through the year.

Another Garden Success Story: Thriving on the Farm

About 9 months of the year we get the opportunity to head out to the country to work with our remarkable client shown here. A life-long avid gardener, she has expansive land which hosts gorgeous wildlife attracting gardens we designed around the property, supporting a big passion of hers. This client knows the species linked to every bird call and migration pattern around, is in tune with the seasons and weather patterns, and lives in the rich glory of the nature she is surrounded by. For many decades she’s also grown an incredible food field, with multiple beds that require a lot of care.

Battling MS, our client had to make adjustments to support her mobility on the land, and uses amazing equipment to assist her journey from one plot to the next. We have been working together for a long time to maintain accessibility as things progress over the years. Because each day can look a little different with MS in terms of symptom flare-up, our suggestions also included a broad task list of activities that are rated by energy level. This way work can consistently happen, even if it’s not a high energy day. Fatigue can set in quickly and unexpectedly, so being prepared is very important with having emergency supplies like water and cell phone on her person while working far from the house. Having tools and assistant props stowed in baskets on mobility equipment was another consideration, so things are ready to go. Planning and set up is crucial, but if equipment is always stocked, fatigue won’t set in on the initial preparation and journey out to do work. Life can still fell like there is a sense of whimsy, spontaneity, and accomplishment.

"I recently bought a house with a lovely yard. Unfortunately, I knew very little about gardening. I was thrilled to discover Seed Garden Designs, and meet Alissa. The lessons are individualized, help me focus on the tasks I want to accomplish, and give me the hands on learning I needed. Thanks to their tutoring I have discovered my green thumb and am enjoying the outdoors!"

- E. Wack -

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